vS Data Reaper Report #77

July 29, at 7: Imaloony July 29, at 8: Mage combos you down before then. Paladin wants to have muscled you out with value before Fatigue ever happens. And in topdeck wars its arguably the worst card in the entire game to draw. Foodbeard July 29, at 6: More of my games than usual have been going to fatigue. Whether you run zero, one, or two of this will depend entirely on what the Knights meta is. Brann July 31, at 8:

Dead Man’s Hand

Rank 5 to Legend Priests are now our wild overlords, with a whopping Today, Priest has three other recognizable archetypes. The other classes fall into three bands. Mage and Warlock are about Hunter, Druid, Shaman, and Paladin fall in around 9.

Matchmaking is completely broken. Legend players are almost always queuing against non legend players now while non legend players are queuing against legend players far to frequently.

This is nothing else than one of these stupid tin-foil-hat theories – and the worst thing about it: Since Reynad reaches so many people with it, it will spread and lots of people will believe it. I am – yet again – disappointed by Reynad for being this reckles with spreading stuff like that. He know that his word carries some weight, and yet he uses it to spread stupid stuff like that. And honestly, it’s the same in every.

In LoL people claim that Riot matches them unfairly with other players to explain why they have win- and loss-streaks. There are similar conspiracy theories in almost every other game. Just because people want explanations for things seem abnormal, but are absolutely normal, if you look at them statistically. This is just getting really, really annoying.

Companies like Blizzard or Riot don’t have any advantage from “skewing” the matchmaking in any way. If a deck won a lot yesterday and Reynad streamed it, lots of people will play this deck as well. And even more people will start to play something that counters is. And voila, you have your situation where you run into all those counter-matchups.

What the upcoming ladder changes mean for Wild

April 21, As a purported ‘casual’ game – which is to say, an accessible, easy-to-understand, free-to-play game with few mechanical requirements – Hearthstone has a broad audience. The tablet and mobile platforms have only served to open the game up to even more players. With the incredible frequency of its ladder resets and the constant compression of the player base into the bottom range of that ladder, however, is the game too punishing for infrequent enjoyment?

At it’s core, Hearthstone is a competitive, player versus player game. It pits two human players against each other in a format designed to determine a winner and a loser.

We know that Hearthstone ladder has always used two different matchmaking systems: before Legend, you get paired based on your rank and number of stars, and in Legend, you get paired based on your hidden matchmaking rating (MMR) that is gained from wins and lost from losses.

StrifeCro pictured is one of the most prominent North American players, and has built a following since the first days of Hearthstone. Surrender will be less familiar to fans in the West, but exploded onto the Korean scene in and is now its brightest new star. Although not as active in tournaments this year, StrifeCro remains a pillar of competitive Hearthstone.

The influence of this former StarCraft 2 player can be found in many staple tournament decks, including Midrange Druid you can thank him for all those angry trees hurtling at your face as well as popularizing stable builds of Mech Mage and Midrange Paladin. In the chaotic early days of Hearthstone, he was the deckbuilder who made sense of the game and taught new players the basic principles, something he still does now on stream, and via his increasingly prolific video output.

Surrender might lack the pedigree and familiarity of StrifeCro, but he absolutely deserves a spot in our top ten. His tournament success was matched by ultra consistent ladder performances that saw him amass over World Championship points over two seasons—more than double the amount of any other player.

Casting Call #2: The Current State of Hearthstone Casting and Why It’s Sorely Lacking

Copy Deck For Introduction: The name of the deck may be divine aggro as i was uncreative originally but the deck is all about board control like zoo is if you’re able to seize the board, you can easily win in a turn or two with the buffs. When the opponent is within range of a 2 turn lethal, its best to switch to face and only deal with the more annoying minions while ignoring large minions that cant do much on their own. If you have multiple weapons in hand don’t be afraid to play one on an empty board and go face Truesilver Champion should be played over Rallying Blade in this scenario.

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Overdose will now Boost up to 6 random Allies by 2. Added Doomed tag to Bear. Marching Orders will now Boost Units instead of Strengthening them. Decoy will now Boost Units instead of Strengthening them. Impenetrable Fog will now deal 2 damage to the Unit with the Highest Power on the row max 1 target. Torrential Rain will now deal 1 damage to the Unit s with the Lowest Power on the row max 5 targets. Biting Frost will now deal 2 damage to the Unit with the Lowest Power on the row max 1 target.

Aeromancy will now pick cards to be played from the Deck. Abilities that Damage or Weaken Units by half their Power will round the values up. Abilities that Boost or Strengthen Units by half their Power will round the values down. Renew will now only resurrect a Gold Unit from your own Graveyard. Villentretenmerth will now destroy the Highest Unit s once.

Adapt or die: Behind the scenes of Blizzard’s Hearthstone

We’ve updated the headline to indicate that this is Update But what exactly are these changes? Blizzard has at least answered that question for the upcoming Update Shacknews is taking a look at the cards affected and is here to do a deeper dive analysis on what this means for Hearthstone going forward. Naga Sea Witch Will cost 8 mana. Up from 5 Wild Meta Impact:

Matchmaking rating (MMR) is a special internal rating system used for certain types of matchmaking. Hearthstone uses separate MMRs for different types of play, such as Casual Play mode, Legend-level Ranked play, and non-cooperative Tavern Brawls.

In this case, there are no pure strategy Nash equilibriums, but there is a mixed strategy Nash equilibrium: The actual bans were Cubelock and Murloc Paladin, the most favorable of the four alternatives for Bunnyhoppor, but there was no pure strategy way to completely avoid that outcome. Deck spotlights Here are some of the most interesting decks from the top-performing players.

You may recognize this build from ladder. Yes, it is literally the most popular Murloc Paladin list in the world, and now it adds a Summer Championship qualification to its impressive resume. The deck was part of an anti-control lineup, so it only had one SI: I did not expect this card to see competitive play, but Europe Summer Playoffs offered not just one, but two major Archbishop Benedictus surprises. First, it was included in the Mind Blast Priest decks of multiple players. Second, one of those players actually made it to the Summer Championship!

The purpose of the card is to target control decks and provide the Priest with some more ammunition while keeping fatigue away. The build includes two copies of Amani Berserker and two copies of Lifedrinker — no Mirror Image to defend here. Two copies of Acidic Swamp Ooze?

vS Data Reaper Report #77

GO Summer Cup As an Excel nerd and HearthStone fan it was always my goal to create a spreadsheet which helps me to play better on ladder. There are several tools which help you to track how good your decks perform, but in my opinion they all have one major flaw: Over the past few months I have created and used a spreadsheet, which delivers a theoretical way to pick successful decks for ladder.

On the spreadsheet, you will automatically read which decks are currently the most popular and which of your decks you should play to counter them.

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I know this title is quite the click-bait and comes off as inflammatory. Even further, I want to hold myself accountable too. These are my thoughts alone and this is my personal conviction. I watch a lot of hearthstone. I watch a loooooooooooooot of hearthstone. Druid wants early ramp. Shaman is looking for the early board. Turns out Fiery War Axe is pretty good!

Exposed: Hearthstone Matchmaking Algorithms

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